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Page history last edited by Matt Otten 10 years, 9 months ago





Welcome to Matt Otten's Wiki


Hello to all jazz guitar players and enthousiasts.


I created this wiki so that I could easily provide you with information on jazz guitar playing, some of my products and lessons, and whatever you are often asking for, without too much web editing, structuring etc. Here I just add whatever seems relevant at the time.

Now, especially for questions asked many times, I can just put some info here, create easy links, and make everything easy for you to find, so it should be helpful for you and me.


Let's start with the following categories:


Jazz guitar playing and education

Free lessons

Exercise package





YouTube plugin error


Obviously, this wiki should gradually grow, so check back now and again.

Matt, February 11, 2007.

P.S. Although this is a WIKI, it is not intended for editing/access by others for now, so don't send me any access requests....





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